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   About B.C.T. Gin  01/31/23 2:23:14 PM

In 1983 the ginning company that is today known throughout the cotton industry as B.C.T. Gin Co., Inc., was established.  The shareholders and Board of Directors knew this company needed managers that were knowledgeable in farming and would also have the foresight and skills to take this company to new levels of success and growth.  The positions were filled with enthusiastic and qualified individuals who were dedicated and determined to meet the needs of the farmers.  Forty years later Steve Bullard is the Executive Manager and Jessica Goodman is the Executive Office Manager over all the divisions.  It is with great pride that BCT Gin's shareholders, managers, staff and employees have looked back at the end of every ginning season and said, "A job well done".  And wondering how they could do it even better the next season.  

Dedication and drive like this is what brought BCT Gin Company to the level of success that it is today.  BCT has expanded over the years with numerous locations.  Maintaining three ginning facilities, three peanut buying points, a grain facility and a warehouse for storage.  With new upgrades, we are always ready to meet your needs.

We can safely and proudly say that we have met the demands of our existing customers and are prepared to meet the needs of any new customers.  Our company and its leaders have made their mark in the cotton and peanut industry.  From getting cotton and peanuts out of the field, to marketing and selling the crop at the best prices.  BCT Gin management is well known and respected throughout the industry for insight, knowledge, and expertise in cotton and peanut production and marketing. 

We would consider it an honor to assist any farmer with any questions or problems they may have.  We believe in customer relations and satisfaction.  No matter how big or small, our goal is to work with every farmer with equal effort because every farmer is a valued customer.  We would like to thank everyone, management, staff and most of all our customers.  May each of you have a blessed year in harvest and in health.  




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