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2022 Crop
We have had another great harvest season.  BCT ginned a total of 133,449 bales of cotton and handled a total of 32,493 tons of peanuts.
We want to thank all of our customers for your business and we encourage you to welcome other farmers to join us.  

BCT currently has stock available to purchase.  Please contact our office if you are interested.  229-263-8936

As you all know everyone is having problems with mail.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but it is out of our control.  We have a "Group Text", so if you are not in the group, please call our office so we can get you added.  We will post about contracts, prices or meetings.  We want to reach out to everyone.  

2023 CROP

As we finish up 2022 and start making plans for the upcoming year, we need to get started preparing our trailers and equipment for the year.  If anyone knows of any trailers out there that need to be returned, please give us a call.  Repairs are necessary and need to be taken care of before the peanut season begins.  

If you have any upcoming meetings that you would like posted, please email me:  [email protected] 


                            CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!
Steve Bullard has been in the cotton industry for well over 30 years.  Service is one of the criteria for selection and the letters of support go on and on about his service to his farmers, his board and to the youth in the community.

Our nominee is not only a ginner but a certified crop advisor and he takes that roll on just as seriously as the gin.  Known as ginner first, its obvious he sees the crop advisor as beneficial to the gin.  

He has been described as a "working manager" and anyone who tries to keep up with him during cotton and peanut season will tell you it's not an easy job.  Congratulations to Steve Bullard.  


2022 Georgia Quality Cotton Award Winners Announced
The 2022 Georgia Quality Cotton Awards were presented at the 2023 Georgia Cotton Commission Mid-Year Meeting on July 26, 2023. The awards are co-sponsored by the Georgia Cotton Commission and Bayer Crop Science/Deltapine and administered by the University of Georgia (UGA) Cotton Team. Yangxuan Liu from the UGA Cotton Team conducted the analysis and presented the awards at the event in Statesboro.
The purpose of the awards is to recognize producers and ginners of high-quality cotton fiber and to identify their general management practices for the benefit of other growers. The producers and their gins received a plaque, and the winning producers received a $500 cash award. The UGA County Extension Agent for each winner was also recognized as they work closely with the farmers during the growing season.
The awards are given in each of these three cotton acreage categories: 1) less than 500 acres, 2) 500 to 1,000 acres, and 3) greater than 1,000 acres within the four regions of the state. Winners in these categories are determined by the loan value and premiums of their cotton. The winners’ excellent achievements are due largely to their management practices and expertise. The sponsors of this program congratulate the following winners: 

Region 1

  • Less than 500 acres
    • Grower – Edwin Clark, Wilcox County
    • Ginner – Sconyers Gin & Warehouse Company, Sycamore
    • Nominated by – John Bennett
  • 500-1000 acres
    • Grower – Mark Thompson, Pulaski County
    • Ginner – Arabi Gin Company, Inc., Arabi
    • Nominated by – Jay Porter
  • 1000+ acres
    • Grower – Robert Lancaster, Pulaski County
    • Ginner – Heart of Georgia Peanut & Gin, Hawkinsville
    • Nominated by – Jay Porter
Region 2
  • Less than 500 acres
    • Grower – Derek Davis, Washington County
    • Ginner – Midville Warehouse, Inc., Midville
    • Nominated by – Rocky Tanner
  • 500-1000 acres
    • Grower – J. Robert Jones, Toombs County
    • Ginner – South Georgia Cotton Gin, LLC, Hazlehurst
    • Nominated by – Jason Edenfield
  • 1000+ acres
    • Grower – Chris Hopkins, Toombs County
    • Ginner – South Georgia Cotton Gin, LLC, Hazlehurst
    • Nominated by – Jason Edenfield
Region 3
  • Less than 500 acres
    • Grower – Jonathan Sykes & Blake Exum
    • Ginner – B.C.T. Gin Company, Inc., Quitman
    • Nominated by – William Brown
  • 500-1000 acres
    • Grower – Wall to Wall Farms, LLC
    • Ginner – South Georgia Cotton Gin, LLC, Hazlehurst
    • Nominated by – Ashley Smith
  • 1000+ acres
    • Grower – Brian & Ken Ponder Farms
    • Ginner – Omega Gin Company, Omega
    • Nominated by – Justin Hand
Region 4
  • Less than 500 acres
    • Grower – Lisa Still Bruner, Early County
    • Ginner – Early County Gin, Inc., Blakely
    • Nominated by – Brian Creswell
  • 500-1000 acres
    • Grower – Stephen Houston, Jr., Seminole County
    • Ginner – Clover Leaf Gin, Inc., Donalsonville
    • Nominated by – Cindy Meadows
  • 1000+ acres
    • Grower – Mims Farms, Seminole County
    • Ginner – Clover Leaf Gin Inc., Donalsonville
    • Nominated by – Cindy Meadows
The final award given was the overall Best Cotton Award. This was awarded to the Georgia cotton producer with highest loan value and premium. The 2022 Best Cotton Award went to Brooks County’s Jonathan Sykes & Blake Exum with a loan value of 56.81 cents/lb and a premium of 4.81 cents/lb.


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